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We SECURE freight and BUILD sustainable business relationships.


Logistix, LLC


Madam Logistix is an experienced Veteran and Woman owned freight brokerage and dispatching business that provides personalized transportation and logistics services to shippers, carriers and government entities.


We utilize our expertise in Supply and Logistics, Human Resources and Project Management when seeking staffing/management services and coordinating freight transportation arrangements for our customers. We partner with reliable carriers who expeditiously transport goods across the United States from state-to-state and dock-to-dock.

Madam Logistix strives to do its due diligence when seeking vendors to ensure we are providing value to our customers, performing with integrity, exceeding your expectation and building sustainable business relationships.

Our streamlined organization provides efficiency through clear, simple and effective process and lines of communication. We are a small business with capabilities and experience that rivals the performance of much larger companies.

Contact us today and learn how we will cater to your transportation and logistical needs while maximizing your profits and ensuring you receive a return on your investment. 

Freight Broker Services


Madam Logistix is one of the most trusted names in the industry and we are excited you are considering joining our team. We take pride in servicing our shippers and finding the best rates for our carriers.  Madam Logistix's accommodating staff is readily available 24/7 to service your transportation and logistical needs with: 

Freight Brokerage Services:

  • Truck Load (TL)

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)

  • Multi-Lane Shipments

  • Specialized Freight

  • Port and Harbor Operations

  • Rail Freight

  • Small Parcels

  • Courier Services


We provide our shippers with guaranteed coverage of freight from pickup to delivery and challenge our reliable partnered carriers to deliver freight on time, every time, for a seamless movement. 


At Madam Logistix, we understand the value of visibility for our shippers and strive to ensure they receive "peace of mind."  Contact Madam Logistix today for a quote to manage the movement of your freight!

Drayage Services


Madam Logistix offers customized port drayage services for the New Orleans Intermodal Region. Our partnered carriers are flexible and readily available to support the needs of our port agents to transport containers in and out of ports, rail terminals, shipyards, and warehouses to their next destination.


At Madam Logistix, we are committed to securing and moving freight with visibility one load at a time. Contact Madam Logistix today to service your port drayage needs!

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